Better learning by actively involving people

At ProjectsOne, we have our own view on training. We take your people on a journey through the changes of their company, involve them and putting them into an active role. A powerful method to ensure that training have lasting impact and results. People are not servile performers of the theory, but enthusiastic ambassadors of a new way of working. Our mission is to help students bring their own project to a success. And of course, your company will benefit directly from this.

First the skills, than the mindset

First of all we work on specific knowledge. This allows managers and staff will jointly work on improvement on a project basis. Besides knowledge, we work on attitude and intention. Do they want to change? Do they believe in it? What is holding them back? By ‘ leading by example ‘ any resistor can be overcome. In particular by means of coaching we achieve positive results.

Trainings & customized training

ProjectsOne customizes all training & education to your specific needs. In addition, they can also be given in-company .

Want to know more?
Would you like to know more about the training and education by ProjectOne? View our brochure about Six Sigma & Lean training and education. Or contact us and we would be most happy to inform you about the possibilities.