With a simple routine on the road to operational excellence

During improving you lost the wood for the trees?
You are done with constantly explaining your vision and want to move to actions?
You would like to target specific improvement actions instead of a bunch of so called improvements?
Want new energy and insights for your daily stand-up or boost your week start?

The secret of Toyota unraveled

For years, we have focused on the visible side of process improvement. Thanks to the Lean method we have excellent Visual instruments, like Kanbans or Andon-strings. Or signs for the day-and week start. Visual management was all these years a key concept. Now what is the next step?

Toyota Kata!

The Toyota Kata was found after years of research by Mike Rother in the Toyota factories. Thanks to his research now everyone can get on with improving, maintaining focus on day-and week starts. Two simple routines take you quickly towards Operational Excellence. The training lasts 1 day. Check our Kata Workshop brochure (PDF) for more details.

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